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PULUZ 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC 5V-24V LED Strip Light Controller dimmer di luminosità LED

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1. Material: ABS, durable to use.
2. Adopt a conventional 55x21mm DC interface, dual-line dimmer is a controller to achieve stepless dimming.
3. Use knob control, LED will be adjusted to the appropriate light intensity through this dimmer.
4. Use rotary control, the following functions: Turn the knob to the right, the light will gradually brighten; Turn the knob to the left, the light will gradually darken.
5. To connect the load line, connect the power cord;power cable between the front to ensure no short circuit.
6. The dimmer designed for PU5040JP/5060JP/5138JP can be used for light strips and other DC power supplies without regulation.
7. Power supply: DC 5V-24V
8. Dimmer shell size: 61x33x32mm

Special attention: low voltage products, please do not connect to high voltage, to prevent electric shock, dangerous use, easy to burn and fire! Be careful!

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